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Black British magazine, books, lifestyle produced by Tilsa C. Wright, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief; Author, “Related Affairs”. Available online @; Producer/Host of 2011 Black History Month Awards honoring 12 Women! Star UK TV series ‘DEAR JESUS’

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EZ-Mak Records provides artist development, recording facilities, video production and artist marketing services (online, offline and PR) to any and all artists throughout Toronto. We are now ready to flood the market with a variety of different songs and musical stylings, so if you think you’ve got what it takes feel free to contact us to discuss your future in the music industry.

Riddim_05RIDDIM Magazine covers up coming, established and forgotten reggae artists, sheds light on current developments, takes trips down memory lane, addresses issues, sparks off debates, looks behind the scenes and out of the box in-depth interviews, moving reports, de- tailed biographies, entertaining features, often times all in one article. For RIDDIM, reggae and Dancehall are culture(s), way(s) of life, attitude(s) rather than just styles of music.  Finally, since music is best heard and not simply written about, you’ll also find the real stuff on a free CD included in each issue.


chatychatyCHATY CHATY NEWS keeping Jamaican reggae and reggae news on the forefront. The page for breaking news and stories on Jamaican and international music and artists. Popular Stories, The Scoop, Trending Stories, Editor’s Choice

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FOX FUSE is a boutique music agency that provides one-stop services for you and your music. Everything from manufacturing to marketing, we bridge the gap between your music and the masses.Established in 2007 in New York City, FOX FUSE began as a publicity powerhouse, developing and executing promotional and marketing campaigns that guaranteed mass attention for our clients and enabled them to connect, relate and remain relevant with their target audience. Our competitive brand continues to propel clients to the top of charts and stages, worldwide. FOX FUSE brings your product directly to a large Caribbean community worldwide (over 18,000 avid Caribbean music consumers), who share massive spending power, especially when it comes to music.

EurochannelEUROCHANNEL is a world television channel dedicated to promote the European culture and lifestyle throughout movies and series, programs dedicated to fashion events, arts or mythical destinations.

Eurochannel offers only European programs (movies, television series, documentaries and music) in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Korean versions. Eurochannel covers Latin America, United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal and Korea. In 2011, the channel is available in 11 million households in 27 countries.
Year of creation: 1994.

Co-founder of the Reggae Film Festival and distributor of Reggae and Jamaican themed films and footage, working in the field of distribution, preservation, promotion, marketing, post production services, research and archiving in this relatively under-appreciated and much undiscovered film genre. Established in 2006 Reggae Films UK offers various services which aid film makers, the public, film festivals, film exhibitors, archives, producers and film makers a like and have been documenting Jamaican films for almost 20yrs.

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 JAMAICA MEDIA PRODUCTIONS LTD.  The production company behind the Reggae Film Festival. Established by Managing Director Barbara Blake Hannah in 1986, JaMediaPro offers services in Publishing, Film-making, Public Relations & Artist Management.



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